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The Hammer of Thor, The Sultan of Swede, the Swedish Meatball, The….  The… Swedish guy.  Former World Champion Boxer & all around Swede, Ingemar Johansson Died at the spry age of 76.image

Johansson beat Floyd Patterson (with his right hook, "The Hammer of Thor") for the World heavyweight title at Yankee Stadium in 1959.  The stadium to this day stands as a shrine to his accomplishment.  Never to be torn down, this little bit of history is where a 25 year reign if American Heavyweight champion rule ended.  This year, they plan to rededicate Yankee Stadium as Johansson Field in what should prove to be a stirring ceremony.

Of course in 1960, Patterson came back for a rematch.  Johansson got stomped on like a narc at a biker rally. 

Johansson, who also voiced The Swedish Chef, clawed his way to the top with classic bouts against Franco Cavicchi, Henry Cooper, Joe Erskine and who can forget "The Classic" against Eddie Machen.  I have that last one on video and I watch it whenever my sad little heart needs a little lift.

This hit goes to: Ed!  He is now in third place with 40 points!

happy pooling and: Die, Nancy, DIE!,



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