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Today, avid baseball fans mourn the loss of Hall of Famer George Kell who died at the spry age of  86. 

Outside of the avid fans (and I mean the "instead of obsessing George Kellover Star Trek, I will obsess over America’s pastime" crowd), the world gives a collective "George who?"

Yes, this man that only a handful of poolers… hell, a handful of Americans have ever heard of, beat Ted Williams for the batting title by

.00015.  Even I know that’s pretty damn impressive.  To a) beat Ted Williams and B) with a margin as close a a Minnesota Senate race.

After that, Kell is the guy in the Hall of Fame that you see his name and shrug and say "Where’s Harmon Killebrew?".  He is to the Baseball Hall of Fame what Cub Coda is to the Hard Rock Café.

I’m sure Ed would be able to expound on the greatness of George Kell, but the man is a walking-talking sports encyclopedia.  He can spout on about Freddy Patek (how’s that for obscure baseball reference?).

Kell went on to announce for the Tigers (no wonder no one knows who he is).  While announcing, he lived 1,000 miles away in Alabama and commuted to work every day, never missing a game.  So, I guess some stewardesses might have heard of him. 

This off-the-radar hit goes to: Tailgating with Jesus!  Was there ever a doubt in your mind?  Tailgating is propelled into 2nd place with this hit.  And, because the breath from Harry Morgan’s lungs continues unabated, he is a mere 10 points shy of the leader, Jami.

The top 3 are within 30 points.  They’re very. slowly. getting. away.

Happy pooling,


PS: A major decision has been made regarding draft night.  It will be held on the Saturday before Halloween (October 24th).  Initially, I was going to do it on Halloween, but it would rob too many people of a) attending or b) trick-or-treating.  And that just ain’t fittin’.


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