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Her heart was true.  She was a pal and a confidant.  And if she threw a party and invited everyone she knew, she would see, the biggest gift would be for her and the card attached would say:BeaArthur

"My Condolences."

Bea Arthur, the clear looser of the Golden Girls beauty competition died at the spry age of  86.  She died of cancer of the Maude.

Arthur (and it’s understandable if you thought that was her first name) starred in TV and Broadway where she won a Tony for "Mame."  She broke into television playing Edith Bunker’s cousin on "All in the Family," with a role that would give her one of seven spin-offs (counting "Good Times" here which was a spin off of Maude and 704 Hauser St. the short lived spin-off where only Joey Stivic made an appearance).

In the 80s she retired and moved to Florida with a ditz and a slut only to be horned in on by her mother (and a few run-ins with Richard Mulligan).

Rue McClanahan & Betty White are gonna have some sleepless nights ahead of them.

This Ghoul Pool, Classic hit goes to Pirate!  Damn!  I would have bet money that I had her!  But Pirate is the one who shuffles up a space and is within 30 points of the leader.

Meanwhile, everyone on my list continue to survive the Ghoul Pool as they have for the 5 to 6 years before.

Happy Pooling,



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  1. note from SPMI: This entry lists the hit for Pirate – it actually went to Sean. Me. Yay!

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