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Short people got no treason to-   ah, forget it.

The town crier from Munchkin Land died at the spry age of  89.  Mickey Carroll was one of the few surviving Munchkins from the movie The Wizard of Oz.  Mickey Carroll

Carroll was squashed when a dollhouse dropped out of the sky and onto his tiny, frail frame.  Someone absconded with his footwear, causing his feet just curled up and slid under the dollhouse.

The mayor of Munchkin Town declared it to be a sad day for all.  "There will be no singing and dinging on this dark day.  I’m sure that I speak for all munchkins when I say that this death does not put us in the mood for a spontaneous, choreographed song and dance routine."

He, and the Lollipop Guild will be the pall bearers of  his tiny, tiny coffin.

Stephen Cox, a friend of Carroll’s and the author of a book on the Munchkins, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Carroll was 4-foot-3 when he stopped growing in his 40s.  Which leads us to the question: there’s a book about the munchkins?  And Why haven’t we read this?  Why don’t we ALL own copies of this?  Especially Tom.

Glenda the Good Witch was reached in her retirement home in Boca Raton, FL.  Lit cigarette dangling from her mouth, she commented in a raspy voice, "Yeah, he was a sweet kid that one… he was the short one.. right?"

This little hit goes to: Gianna!  of course!  If someone else had a munchkin, Gianna would go on a violent rampage.  This put’s Gianna just a munchkin’s death away from the lead with 70 points!

Nancy Reagan’s & Harry Morgan’s breathing continue unabated.

Happy pooling,


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