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Actor & American Express pitchman, Karl Malden died at the spry age of 97.  You may remember him in such movies aKarl Malden (1975)s "Operation Secret," & "The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin."

Malden, who starred in "A Streetcar Named Desire," and "On The Waterfront," ("I’m just a potato-eater") will always be remembered for his commercials, humping American Express Travelers Checks.  He made "Don’t leave home without ’em" a household… word?  phrase?  (We’ll get back to you on that syntax at a later date.)

After that, the guys got his nose.  Damn, I defy anyone in Hollywood today to make it with a nose like that.  Apparently, his nose was broken several times, making it bulbous like that.       No punch line there.  Just floatin’ that out there.

Malden also appeared in the 1965 classic "The Cincinnati Kid," about an Ohio boy’s quest to beat up the Toronto Kid (or spread his Cincinnati seed).

In his later years, he acted less and less.  His last gig was an appearance in "The West Wing."  Apparently the excessive walking-through-corridors-while-delivering-your-dialogue didn’t suit him and he was never the same.

This hit goes to: Team Carifa-

Wait a sec… Didn’t I just make a crack about them not getting any hits?  And they get, like, RIGHT away!  Hmmm… now what did Karl die of exactly?

Well, until the staff at Ghoul Pool Headquarters can prove the innocent guilty, we will put them on the board with 10 points!

Happy Pooling,



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