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Former Guitarist from Paul Revere and the raiders, Drake Drake_Levin_Harpo Levin, died at the spry age of 62 on July 4th.  Ghoul Pool Sources report that he died of watching a Paul Revere and the Raiders performance.

While Levin’s guitar work was respectable in the rock community, it’s awfully hard to take the band seriously.  To quote their own website: "Revere uses his madcap comedy to bring back the pre-Beatle days when being carefree and having fun was where it was at."  You see, it wasn’t about the music.  It was about mad-cap comedy.  Just like the Three Stooges.

Paul_Revere_Photo_Promo07_430 Now, Carol, before you get all upset: I have actually SEEN Paul Revere and the Raiders in concert.  They performed at Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge when I worked there.  And they were painful.  Their jokes just made my hair hurt.

Now, I can’t speak for their long standing gig at The Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson, MO.  But I think that speaks for itself.

After Levin left the band, he rejoined with two other former members to form Brotherhood.  But apparently the strong arm of Paul Revere was too… strong.  Nobody listened to Brotherhood and Levin ended up being a sessions musician for the rest of his career.  Which was a thousand times better than being on stage with Paul.

This hit goes to: Carol!  This bumps Carol up to 60 points, more than half of the leader’s score.  And, of course, more than me.

Happy pooling,


PS: a friendly save-the-date reminder: the 2009 Draft will be held on Saturday, October 24th.  That’s one week before Halloween.  Mark your calendars.  Clear your schedules.  But most of all, make your lists!


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