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Former Pilipino President, "Cory" Corazon Aquino died at the spry age of 76. 

In 1986, she ended the repressive regime of Ferdinand Marcos.  As Americans, we learned two things from this episode: 1.) women can be leaders if they have a cute, perky nickname. and 2.) Shoes.  Oh, the shoes.  So many shoescoryaquino

After that, we got nothin’.  Aquino went on to face seven coup attempts and eventually stepped down.  None of these attempts wielded perky nicknames.  Nor did they uncover thousand upon thousands of shoes.  So, we really didn’t hear much about them.

After stepping down, Aquino remained active in politics and always wore he signature yellow dresses.  Now how in the hell do you pull that off?  Signature yellow dresses?  I mean, how many yellow dresses can you find?  Sure, Tom Wolfe has his white suits, but a guy can get away with wearing the same suit.  Women have to mix it up.  You can’t wear the same dress over one weekend. 

In later years, Aquino-  Ok, if there was a cottage industry in Manila (right next to the envelope factory) of yellow dresses and yellow dress designs and the nation cornered the market on yellow textiles, maybe I can see it.  But she still need to find yellow dresses that she likes.  And then they have to be in her size.  And they can’t make her but look big.

This hit goes to Pirate!  This gives her at 70 points!  Putting her right under Bea-  I mean she’s just behind-  Oh, she’s in 3rd place.

Happy pooling,



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