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I’m sure you’ve all seen the headlines.  You all received "breaking news" bulletins.  It’s all over Twitter and facity-space and your bligity-blogs and all that.  Yes, Former New York Giant Davy Williams did at the spry age of 81.davey_williams_autograph

Williams, who played in the lower echelons of good players – you know, they were good, but not stars. He had a .254 batting average, which I certainly could not do, but it’s a far cry from .300.

Sure, he was part of the ’54 World Series Championship team.  Sure, he was on the ’53 All-Star team.  but at the end of the day, you don’t know who he is.  Frankly, I bet that only 3 poolers have ever heard of him.  And I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here. 

Williams, being a sporting figure, is Tailgating with… ED!  Yes, Ed garners 20 points pushing him to the triple digit mark.

Happy Pooling,



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