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World class drinker, Ted Kennedy, died of a brain tumor at the spry age of 77.  Kennedy-hmed-2a.h2

According to Ghoul Pool sources, the tumor was placed in Kennedy’s brain by Sam Ginacana and worked in conjunction  with another, unseen tumor over on the grassy knoll.

Kennedy, known as the Liberal Lion, served on the Senate for four hundred and sixty seven years.  It should be noted that, according to the Ghoul Pool computer lab,  he was serving our country 234 years before we even became a country… maybe I should look for some non-Wikipedia sources on this one.

Anyway, Kennedy’s two biggest battles were Health Care reform and, every year, he introduced legislation that would raise the minimum wage.  Only recently did he get a minimum wage raise through and as for health Care… well, we’ll see.  Of course there was the third battle… the one with the brain tumor.  that didn’t end well.

Ghoul Pool sources close to the Kennedy Compound (different sources than the ones mentioned above) Kennedy will have a burial at sea.  They will launch his carcass from a bridge in the small town of Chappaquiddick.  The ceremony will be small with only family and friends and the Kopechne family.

Kennedy was drafted by – Pirate!  As he ever was.  he was her second holdover and her second holdover to die.  That’s 2 new holdovers next year!

This puts Pirate at 110, just 20 points shy of her husband’s lead.

Happy pooling,


And you thought I was going to to rant on about politics…


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