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simmons  Actress Jean Simmons died of lung at the spry age of 80.

Simmons, who starred with Marlon Brando in "Guys & Dolls," Elmer Gantry” (with Burt Lancaster), “Until They Sail” (with Newman), “The Big Country” (Peck), “Spartacus,” (Douglas), “This Earth Is Mine” (Rock Hudson), “All the Way Home” (Robert Preston), “Mister Buddwing” (James Garner) and “Rough Night in Jericho” (Dean Martin).

Despite her stellar resume, in the 70s, she cold see that he career as a leading lady was over.  So, she had a cow’s udder surgically implanted onto her tongue, bought a few pairs of glittery platform shoes and started a rock band.

After seeing her band perform, Brando commented to the press; "What has she done to deserve such a disrespectful career move?"

For years, she enjoyed the spotlight, heavily made up and spewing fake blood until her turn on "Murder, She Wrote."  That’ll kill any rock ‘n Roll career.

Simmons was on Mary’s list.  She extends her lead to a full 50 points  with the fourth hit of the year.  Fourth hit.  it’s the frickin’ end of JANUARY!  What is wrong with us?  We suck.

I think that Mary’s secret weapon is giving birth.  As she prepared to bring life, a life left her list.  After the life was brought… (brought?  broughted?)… another pick shuffles her mortal coil.  it’s all very circle-of-life.

So congrats to Mary for her two hits and for bringing Liam into the world!

Happy pooling,



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