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Star of such movies as "The Sheepman" and "The Magic of Lassie," Pernell Roberts died at the spry age of 81.

Roberts was not a doctor, but he played one on TV.  Star ofpernell "Trapper John, MD," which I believe makes MASH the only movie to have two TV series spin-offs.  Three if you count "After-Mash."  But do you really want to count "After-Mash?"

Roberts gained fame with his stint on "Bonanza" where he played Adam Carwright.  He left the series at the height of it’s popularity because he felt that his character was too subservient to his father, Ben Cartwright played by the already dead Lorne Green.  Before he left, the writers tried to appease him by only allowing him to refer to his father as "Pa" three times an episode.  Sounds like a lame drinking game to me. 

Roberts bounced around TV Land appearing in "The Wild Wild West," "Gunsmoke," "Hawaii Five-O," "Marcus Welby, MD," "Mission: Impossible," "Mannix," "Qunicy," "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries," "The Paper Chase," "Vega$," and a special two-part episode of "The Love Boat" that featured Dick van Patten.  And that’s not even 1/4 of it.

This hit goes to: Mary!  Proving again that giving life is surely the bet way to pick those who will loose their lives.  This is her THIRD hit in 2 weeks!  Mary is now one hit away from triple-digits.  The rest of us: we suck.  Die, James, DIE!

Happy Pooling,



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