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aliAli Hassan al-Majid, AKA: Chemical Ali, was hanged for war crimes including the killing of over 5,000 Kurds with poisonous gas.

al-Majid was welcomed in hell with a Hitler brunch where they undoubtedly drank the blood of the infidels mixed with champagne, a Bloody Mimosa.

al-Majid was reported to be a little upset at first when he noticed that his welcome banner had his name scrawled over "Andy Dick."

"Well, what are you gonna do?" Michael Landon commented on the incident, "This is Hell."

Chemical Ali, "Chem" to his friends, is reported to have been ruthless and feared by many.  To which I say: he killed over 5,00 people!  How could you do that without being ruthless.  And after doing it, who wouldn’t fear you?

Satan was not available for comment because he was double-checking the legalese on the James Cameron/Avatar contracts.

this hit goes to:  Jay!  Who has patiently waited the death of Chem since his first draft night.  Jay gets 40 points and a drink (to be provided by Jay or Erica).

Happy pooling (Die, James, DIE!),



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