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Diminutive actress Zelda Rubinstein "went to the light" at the spry age of 76.

Rubinstein, who was was 4′ 3", was best known for her Zeldaportrayal of the small medium Tangina in all three Poltergeist movies. 

Family and friends report that Zelda’s afterlife plans included spending her first decade in the beyond "haunting that Craig T. Nelson’s ass."

He first film appearance was in the movie "Under the Rainbow" which came up short in the eyes of critics but is beloved by my brother, Tom.

She then went on to play along side the great Tom Skerritt (bet that’s the 1st time you ever read that phrase) in the TV show "Pickett Fences" for 4 seasons… wait?  Is that right?  "Pickett Fences" was on for four years?  Man, Fyvush Finkel will never have a gig like that again.

This latest in a flurry of hits goes to: ME!  Yes, your ever-loving and ruggedly handsome Ghoul Pool Administrator has been holding Zelda over ever since Bean joined back up with the draft (she was one of his favorite picks).

Hmmm… who should I hold over next year?  Maybe a former AT&T telemarketer, self-proclaimed self-help guru and all around douche-bag!  Unless he dies before then (Die, James, DIE!)

Happy Pooling,



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