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Reluctant movie actress Kathryn Grayson died on Wednesday at the spry age of 88.  Grayson

Grayson wanted to be an opera singer (ug.) and not in movies.  But Louis B. Mayer made her do a screen test first to see if she liked it.  It was the most expensive screen test ever, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It was almost two reels of film.  When Grayson told Mayer that she did not like it, he faked a heart attack to get her to stay.  Turns out, he did that a lot.

Grayson went on to star in "Anchors Aweigh," "Show Boat," and "Kiss Me, Kate."  Which means that straight men have never heard of her.  (Even though "Anchors Aweigh" also stars Frank Sinatra)

Her career died along with the musical.  She then turned to her first love: opera (ug.).  She went on to perform… oh, who cares?  It’s opera.  Maybe my Brother-in-Law John cares… but no-one else!

After that… years of nothing…  Then death.

Now seeing that Katie G. was born below the Mason-Dixon Line, this hit goes to Ghoul Pool Rookie and beloved Marist Alum: Debbie!  It puts her on the board with 20 points!  Congrats Deb.  It’s always nice to get that first ever hit under your belt.

Happy pooling and dreams of Harmonic Death,



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