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Southern author, Barry Hanna died at the spry age of 67.  No, he did not make cartoons with his pal Barberra.bhannah

Hanna wrote a bunch of important literature that you and I have never read (well, maybe John did).  He won book awards and junk.  His work was so snooty, that only one of his books was ever published in paperback.

He also worked as a writer for filmmaker Robert Altman, which explains why there are so many celebrity cameos in the background of his books (is that Jack Lemon playing piano?).

His works include

  • Geronimo Rex (1972) – later an 80s band.
  • Nightwatchmen (1973) – which was turned into an Alan Moor Comic book… sorry graphic novel
  • Ray (1980) – which was made into a movie starring Jamie Foxx.
  • The Tennis Handsome (1983) – clearly his worst work.  Who can do anything with that?
  • Hey Jack! (1987) – the basis for the movie Kangaroo Jack.
  • Boomerang (1989) – Made into one of the worst Eddie Murphy movies ever.
  • Never Die (1991) – In pre-production for the 5th Die Hard movie (ug).
  • Yonder Stands Your Orphan (2001) – about the making of the movie Annie (the un-cola guy: total douche).

Born Howard Barry Hannah in 1942 in a- Oh, you really don’t give a shit do you?

Hannah was picked by… well, he is a Southerner: Debbie!  Debbie is now within striking distance of the leader with 60 points! 

Yes, he died on March 1st, but man, I had to get that Cory Haim thing out and quick.

Happy Pooling,


PS (Die, James, die!)


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