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Charlie’s with his angels now (or at least one of them)John Forsythe

Joan Collins is sitting back with a vengeful smirk as her arch nemesis, John Forsythe, finally succumbed to cancer. 

Millions are familiar with their on-screen rivalry, but what few knew was the reality of that rivalry.  "That’s what made us so believable.  We hated each other," Said Collins in an exclusive Ghoul Pool interview, adding as she looked off in the distance wistfully, "that hateful, awful bastard of a so-called-man…"

Apparently, the rivalry began when Forsythe refused to do a line of coke off of her ass but had no problem doing one off of Linda Evans’.  it was a slight that Collins simply could not forgive.

Now that her plan has finally come to fruition, Collins feels free to talk about her involvement in Forsythe’s death.  "For years, I had scientist working on a new disease.  ‘Cancer’ they called it."  The plan was to slip some of this cancer into his Darjeeling tea on the set.  "There was so much bourbon in there, he’d never taste the difference."

The plan went awry when a gang of wild rhesus monkeys broke into the lab to free their brethren.  "Cancer was everywhere and it got out, killing millions."

But Collins has no regrets.  "At least it finally made it’s way to that douche-bag and took us out of our misery."

Seeing as how Mary does not work with Joan Collins or with Rhesus monkeys, she is free and clear to reap the points of Forsythe’s death.  And while it is only 10 points, it’s enough to put her into triple digits!!!!  Congratulations, Mary!

Happy pooling,



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