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Dead and red.

Commie pinko Anatoly Dobrynin was killed, by what was undoubtedly Christian righteousness, at the spry age of 90.Anatoly Dobrynin

A card-carrying member of the Communist party, Dobrynin played a key role in commie communicating with commie (Kennedy and Khrushchev) during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Dobrynin was Soviet Ambassador to the United States, serving from 1962 to 1986, when he tried to defect in the middle of Bloomingdales with Robin Williams in a story that you would think was interesting and funny… but isn’t.

His master plan to take over America and change our eagle-loving, flag-waving letter "C" to a "K" was ultimately thwarted by a spry Kris Kristofferson which would probably take me about 14 1/2 hours and about $40 million to really describe it and we just don’t have that kind of time or money to waste.

But a few years later, Dobrynin (with the help of James Brown) organized a boxing showdown between their greatest boxer, Ivan Drago and the great Apollo Creed.  As we all know, the match killed Apollo and a certain Italian Stallion had to reap vengeance for our country.  Boy, that day I learned a little something about something about patriotism… and a little something about myself.

This hit puts the Latin Masquerade on the board!  Like any good, red-blooded Americans who love their country, they will be holding Mardi Gras on his red grave… for 10 points.

Happy pooling,



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