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George Blanda, who played professional football for 25 (or 26) years, died at the spry age of 83.

Who plays pro football for 25 years?  I mean, I’m no sports guy here (I plan on watching the Super Bowl for, and only for, the e-trade baby) but isn’t that like, three football careers?

And then, again, I’m no sports guy here, but doesn’t a football career kick the crap out of you so that living to the ripe old age of 55 is an accomplishment?

This hit goes to: Tailgating with Jesus!  As if we didn’t know.  Blanda will be bringing the boiled celery to the party!

This puts Tailgating in the triple-digits club and in a tie for 2nd with Mary , just a mere 50 points behind the leader.  The At-least-we-have-as-many-points-as-Bean-club is an exclusive one.

But wait, there’s more…

Gloria Stuart, the old, old, old, old woman who threw away the priceless gem at the end of the crappy boat-snuff film, Titanic, died at the not-so-spry age of 100!

Yes, Schelle’y picked the 99-year-old only to see her hit the centennial graveyard: Where even dying doesn’t matter.

James Cameron will be organizing the wake.  It will cost $3 billion dollars and will start in about 15 years.  ‘till then, it’s the freezer for you, Gloria!  The good news: she’s already blue.

Happy pooling and 33 days until the draft!



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