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Norman Wisdom, a comedian who was in many, many movies but no one has ever heard of (except for Charlie Chaplin) died at the spry age of 95.

Wisdom had a prominent career that lead him to receiving an Order of the British Empire & being knighted… and yet we sit here and say: Who?

Starring in such movies as “A Good Turn,” “There Was a Crooked Man,” and “The Bulldog Breed,” he wasn’t even the kind of guy you’d look at and say, Oh yeah, him.

Charlie Chaplin once referred to Wisdom as his favorite clown.  I guess you had to be English.  I don’t know, maybe we just don’t know him because, in America at least, British comedy had been eclipsed by “The Benny Hill Show,” for so long.

Either way, Jay &/or Erica heard of him and picked him, garnering them another 10 points!  This hit lands them just a few points shy of having ½ of Jami’s points.

Happy pooling and Draft Day is only 19 days away!



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