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The producer of  “Flash Gordon,” “Orca” & “King Kong Lives” has died. 

 Dino De Laurentiis died at the spry age of 91.

While making such classics as “Maximum Overdrive,” “Neveroyatnye priklyucheniya italyantsev v Rossii,” and “Amityville II: The Possession” Dino managed to be an integral part of the Rat Pack.


De Laurentiis started in Italy (Dino De Laurentiis isn’t exactly a Dutch name) where he worked with directors like Fellini.  He moved to America and made movied like “Conan The Barbarian.” And “Cat’s Eye.”


He didn’t make all bad movies.  He won an Oscar for “Serpico.”  But it’s the failures that are funny.  So let’s not also forget that he made “Hannibal,” & “Red Dragon.”


I cold not think of a good Dino-from-The-Flinstones joke.


This hit goes to: The Walls of Jerica!  Yes, they start the year on the board with 10 points and as the sole members of the At-Least-We-Have-More-Points-Than-Bean Club!

 Happy pooling,



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