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Hockey Coach and former Head Coach to the New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs AND The Boston Bruins, Pat Burns died at the spry age of 58.

Burns held the post of Special Assignment Coach when he passed… a job that has suddenly become available.  I think I’ll have to send my resume out to The New Jersey Devils.  I can tell them about how I know… something about hockey.  There’s ice, fights and four breasts drawn on the ice… I’m a shoe-in!


Burns had been dying of cancer for years (hence, the 50-year-old being picked).  Fans started a Facebook page to campaign that he be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame before he died.  It did not work.  I guess he was no Betty White.

Now, the Hockey Hall of Fame group-of-people-who-sit-around-the-bar-and-decide-these-things will have to live with the guilt and shame for the rest of their lives of not letting Burns enjoy the due accolades with his peers.  They can toss and turn for sleepless nights as their pillows are soaked with the tears from the guilt that will undoubtedly tear them apart, while they wither away to nothing as they will not be able to eat until they look like Jennifer Love Hewitt… of course, I’m assuming that this committee is Irish Catholic here.

This is a big hit early on and it goes to: Tailgating With Jesus!  Yes, TWJ is on the board and in the lead with 50 points!  This makes us all members of the We-Don’t-Have-As-Many-Points-As-Bean club. Luckily for Bean, no one else has pounced upon a sports-themed list.

Happy Pooling,



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