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Buffalo Bills great Cookie Gilchrist was savagely killed by a blue, furry monster.  He was 75.

Witnesses say that the attack was unwarranted but the perpetrator was out of control.  Apparently, the creature walked into the room and loudly inquired “Which one Cookie?”

One witness recounts, “when Gilchrist raised his hand, the thing’s eyes went all… went all… googley.  And he just attacked the guy and he kept saying ‘myaaaaum-myaum-myaum-myaum-myaum!’”

The monster (dubbed by the local constables as “The Cookie Monster”) was eventually subdued and taken into custody.  In an interview, the monster said, “I tell Grover ‘datI love cookie.  ‘Den, he tell me of BIG cookie.  He tell me of 151 pound Cookie!  Me got to eat ‘dat cookie!”

Witnesses to the gore had trouble conveying the scene.  “At first, you thought that he was eating the guy.  But then, you realized that he was just biting off a bit, then letting it fall out so that he could bite some more off!  It was horrible!  There were bloody Cookie crumbs everywhere!”

Regardless of motivation, the way that Grover talks about cookies has become a hot-button issue.

This bit of Muppet savagery only goes to benefit: Tailgating with Jesus!  Yes, Jesus knew that someone would have to bring dessert.

Bean continues to dominate his way into triple digits!  He now has 120 points.  Combined, the rest of us have 150.

We suck.

Happy pooling and mmmmm…. Cookies…..




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