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Songwriter, bassist and guy you’ve never heard of, Mick Karn died at the spry age of 52

Born Andonis Michaelides in, you guessed it: Greece, Karn lived here and there and blah blah blah.

He and his friends joined up to create the band known as -well, known is such a strong word, let’s say the band called Japan.

They recorded some albums that nobody bought and broke up when Karn’s Girlfriend, Yuka Fujii, moved in with the band’s front man.  Yuka, Yoko.  Yoko, Yuka.

Karn went on to work with such greats as…. as…. Gary Neuman? and… Joan Armatrading?  And, of course, Kate Bush (whom everyone respects yet nobody owns any of her albums).

In 2010, Karn announced that he had advanced-stage cancer.  An announcement heard by one person: Pirate Jen!

Yes, the Pirate is sliding up on Bean’s-   I mean she’s really getting ahead-  No, I mean that she’s coming from behind.

Now we have a tie for second place that is almost as fierce as the 11-way tie for last place.

Happy pooling,



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