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The married-to-the-Kennedys founder of the Peace Corps, Sargent Shriver, died at the spry age of 95.

Shriver founded the Peace Corps in 1960…something.  And even as it’s founder, he could never rise above the rank of Sargent.  I mean, they at least could have made him General Shriver.  It’s not like it’s a real army corp.

When Shriver married into the Kennedys, the family decided to give him a job, but nothing important.  This shunning eventually lead to the older brother’s assassination on the causeway… oh, wait, that’s what happened when Carlo Rizzi married into the Corleones.

Shriver was also a vice-presidential candidate  when George McGovern ran for President against Richard Nixon. McGovern/Shriver lost in a landslide where it is believed that they only vote that they got was Mike Stivic’s.  Now if her were General Shriver, he woulda been a shoo-in.


This hit goes to… Sister Mary Sheila!  Yeas, she pirated Sargent Shriver from long-time-Sartgent-picker Pirate Jen!

Plus it puts another one of us on the board-  Oh, crap!  She already had a hit!?  Consarn it!  We need new blood on the board!

Happy pooling,




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