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Irene Lorenzo and Edna Babish are both dead.  They were both played by Betty Garrett who died at the spry age of 91.

Betty Garrett started out working with everyone in Hollywood.  Let’s see, she worked with Danny Kaye, Jerome Robbins, Carol Channing, Imogene Coca, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Ethel merman, Gene Kelly, & Frank Sinatra just to name a few.  And why isn’t she a household name?  She was a damn, dirty commie!

She was called out by HUAC where her husband admitted to being a Communist and refused to name names. They were then blacklisted.  They were forced to hit the road and do live shows, destroying this great nation one cabaret at a time.

In the 70s, Garrett snagged the role of Irene Lorenzo on “All in the Family” when the first choice bailed after one episode (possibly a Communist plot).  True to her commie ways, Irene was a liberal foil for Archie Bunker’s conservative ranting and eventually worked with Archie, making less money than the men.  And what’s wrong with that?

She then went on to Lavern & Shirley, where she played landlord Edna Babish, who married and then divorced Laverne’s father Frank.  She won a Golden Globe for her role and eventually left the show to go back to Broadway for a show that lasted for eight nights.  Watching those late Laverne & Shirley episode…. I think she made the right call.

This hit goes to: Scelle’y!  Yes!  We have someone new on the board!  Before you know it, half of us will have hits!

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