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Boy-from-the-hood and beloved Dodger, Duke Ellingt- I mean Snider, died at the spry age of 84.

Snider grew up in Compton.  Yes, Compton.  And to let you know how old he is… he grew up in Compton.  It was a lovely suburb without bars on every window.  It was the 30s.

Snider still holds the record for Home Runs and RBIs for any Dodger player (389 & 1,271 respectively).  In 1969, the Duke won an Oscar for his role in “True Grit.”

Snider retired in the 70s to become a Super at an apartment building in Indianapolis.  It was there that he developed the habit of rolling his smokes up in his shirt sleeve.  Like a tough guy.

This hit goes to.. duh… Bean.  You know, that bastard who keeps hogging all the hits.  Yeah, now the prick’s up to 140 points.

Let’s go kick his ass.

Happy pooling (and ass kicking),




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