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The man behind the man behind the mask, Michael Gough, died at the spry age of 94.

Born in Kuala Lumpur (“Home of the Lumpy Koala Bear!) Gough made his film debut in 1948.  He went on to do over 100 movies… but he’ll always be known as “Alfred” from the Tim Burton batman series.

Yes, he was Alfred from the beginning, helping Michael Keaton look taller, right to the end, polishing th
e nipples on George Clooney’s suit.

He is survived by his fourth wife, Henrietta, daughter Emma and sons Simon and Jasper.

He also-  Wat a minute.  Jasper?  There’s a guy younger
than 94 named Jasper?  Who the hell names their son Jasper?  Hell, I’ll take Casper over Jasper.  One’s a friendly ghost and the other whittles on the front porch while ruminating the next Klan rally.

But I digress.

This hit goes to: Schelle’y!  yes, Scheleezle is now tied with Jami & I for 5th place!  We’re a mere 130 points behind the current leader, Pirate Jen.  Look out Pirate, we’re gonna swash your buckles!

Happy pooling,

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