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Star of “The Red-Headed Corpse,” “Rope,” and “Strangers on a Train,” Farley Granger, died at the spry age of 85.

Rope was famously filmed with long shots up to 10 minutes and there are only 10 editing cuts in the entire 80 minute film.  And now I have explained my subject line.

Farley, who’s parents really wanted a dog, had a brush with death in 1951 with a macabre miscommunication on his commute and history repeated itself in 1987 under more comical circumstances.

Granger had “relations” with the likes of Ava Gardner, Shelly Winters, Barbara Stanwyck (Git some!) and he often represented the other team with his relationships with playwright Arthur Laurents and Leonard Bernstein (who made him feel pretty.  Oh, so pretty).

After making him beat a priest to death in one of his movies, Granger bought out his contract from Sam Goldwyn and went on to such projects as “the Six-Million Dollar Man,” “As the World Turns” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

This hit goes to: Gianna!  Yes, G gets her first hit of the year!  We here at Ghoul Pool Headquarters are very pleased that the Mead household is not-so-celebratory about this one… well, then again… Bean never got over that run-in he had with Granger at that rest stop off I-84 a few years back…

Happy pooling,




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