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When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way.  From your first cigarette to your til you’re last dyin day.Arther Laurents

Well, at the spry age of 93, Arthur Laurents is no longer a Jet.

The celebrated author and director was killed by a singing and dancing gang of ruffians that roams the upper west side.  Reports say that he was choreographed to death.  Bob Fosse contends that this is impossible.

In a statement from Barbara Streisand, she said a bunch of crap that I don’t care about because it’s Barbara Streisand talking.  On a very scary side note: Streisand came up in spell-check.

Along with “West Side Story,” Laurents also wrote “Rope,” “Gypsy,” & “The Way We Were.”

“Gypsy,” about stripper Gypsy-Rose Lee, was revived in 1974 with Angela Lansbury, who quickly left the production in a huff when she was scolded for pulling a full monty on a Sunday matinee.

In 2009, Laurents directed a revised version of “West Side Story,” giving the show a new dose of realism by having much of the dialogue in Spanish.  The Arizona State Senate quickly acted with legislation to ban this version from the state.

This hit goes to:  Guess who?  Gianna!  Who else is going to have such a Broadway legend on their list?  I mean, if he had a dirty name, like Harry Ball… I’d have been all over it!

Gianna is now tied with Carol, who’s single hit, Osama bin Laden, continues to be dead.

Happy pooling,



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