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Three of Bean’s five holdovers are now dead.  You know what this means: Bean’s a big jerk.

Yup, Bean is a dorkus.

Professional golfer Seve Ballesteros, (No, not Steve, Seve) died at the spry age of… of… (Damnit, Bean!) …died at the spry age of 54.

Yes, fifty more points to point-hog and all-around jerk-face, Bean.

Let’s see, why did Bean hold this guy over…. Hmmm… Let’s see… in 2006, the guy fainted on a plain inMadrid.  He was then diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, had four operations, including a 6 1/2-hour procedure, and his treatment continued with chemotherapy.

Sure, that’s a pretty good pick.  But I think Bean picked him because in March 2010, he fell off a golf cart and hit his head on the ground.

Why do I think this?  Because Bean’s a poopie-pants jerk.

Ballesteros was famous for making great shots from anywhere.  In the 1979 British Open, he shot into a parking lot, made some poor schlub schlep his car so that he could play… and got a frickin’ birdie!  Man, I hit into parking lots all the time and I never get a birdie.  You know why?  Because Bean’s a big, fat stupid-head!

Stupid Bean re-claims the lead from his wife and is up to 190 points, leaving us all in the Who-Would-Want-As-Many-Points-As-Stoopid-Bean-Anyway Club.

Happy Pooling (except for doo-doo-brained Bean),



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