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At the moment, he thought, "One day, I'm gonna get that Bastard!"

Smokin’ Joe Frazier, star of the David Letterman segment “How Much Gas is in Joe Frazier’s Car” died at the spry age of 67.  (He was only 67?  Frickin’ seriously?)

Frazier was the victim of a vengeance killing by some guy he beat up in the 70s.  Now in custody, one Cassius Clay was said to mumble “I am the greeter,” leading authorities to believe that Clay worked at Wal*Mart.  He reportedly went on and on about bloated Butterfingers and the ability to sing like Rick Dees and being thrilled by a manila envelope.

When Letterman’s segment drew to a close, Frazier turned his attention to a lucrative Professional Autographing career.  In an interview with Autographer’s Quarterly in 1999 he was quoted as saying, “People just bring me the craziest shit to sign.  Boxing gloves, shiny shorts and silk kimonos.  I don’t get it, but if they got the Benjamins, I sing it like John Hancock.”

Muhammad Ali was not available for comment.

This hit goes to.  No!  Dude.  Seriously?  Tailgating with Jesus.  I guess Bean just couldn’t stand the pain of not being ion the lead for two days.  Go to heck, Bean!  That’s right… I said HECK!  Good DAY SIR!

Happy pooling,



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