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It’s time to stop counting.  Clearly we can stop at 19.  Hell, didn’t “Eight is Enough,” teach us anything?

In God’s attempt at a lesson in greed and overpopulation, Michelle Duggar miscarried in her second trimester.

I give you the woman who doesn't know the meaning of the word "No."

Star of the TLC show “19 Kids & Counting”… TLC… what does that stand for again?  Oh, The LEARNING Channel.  Yes, TLC remains the bastion of educational learning by offering documentaries such as “Brides of Beverly Hills,” “Say Yes to the Dress,” “Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker,” “Extreme Couponing,” and “Invasion of the Christmas Light 3:Europe.”  Well, as they say, what’s in a name?  Would a once respected cable network by any other name (History Channel, Bravo and A&E) stink any worse?

The Duggars were unavailable for comment.  According to their 19 kids, they ran back into the house, said something about another shot and went into their room to, as their oldest put it, “make those weird noises again.”

OK, this is arguably the most controversial hit in Ghoul Pool History.  But, let us keep in mind: many years ago, I myself created a precedent when I drafted Rosanne Barr’s fetus.  I recently went even further than that when I allowed Tom McFeeley to draft Sarah Palin’s un-conceived child.  So a standard has been set.

Now, I know what you are thinking: why didn’t this pick invoke the douche-bag rule!  For that, I have one word, followed by two letters: Reality TV.  If your neighbor finds herself pregnant while they are trying to kick heroin, that is a tragedy and you cannot pick her fetus.  When a local woman with cancer is with child, picking them both is clear douch-baggery.  But once you throw yourself into the lime light, and especially if your limelight route is the road of Reality TV, then you forfeit your right to keep people like me from turning this tragedy into a comic tragedy.

No to all you conservative “government should teach horny teenagers that they will burn in hell if the fornicate before marriage” right to lifers: I am recognizing a fetus as a human life, you should be agreeing with me on this!  For all you liberal “let’s train the school nurse to give free secret abortions and turn the fetuses into an alternate fuel” you should respect my right to choose what I want to do with my Pool.

This hit goes to: The Walls of Jerica!  Yes, they are now part of that extremely exclusive group known as The-At-Least-I-Have-More-Points-Than-Bean Club!  This hit brings 100 points!  The largest hit in Ghoul Pool history!  They are starting out in the triple digits!  Congratulations for breaking the Bean Barrier!… you sick bastards!

Happy Pooling,


PS: If they have another miscarriage this year, I will be counting that as Duggar #21, an un-drafted child.  The Ghoul Pool Administrator has spoken.


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