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Really, we trusted this guy with our weather?

According to the Western Connecticut State University website: “Beloved meteorologist Dr. Mel Goldstein will be the featured speaker for the Western Connecticut State University President’s Lecture series at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29, in Room 125 of the Science Building on the university’s Midtown campus, 181 White St. in Danbury. His talk, “Growing up Dr. Mel,” will be free and the public is invited.”

I, personally, cannot wait for this talk.  I plan on driving the five hours to the WESConn campus to witness this amazing event.

Do I love Dr. Mel that much?  Well, who doesn’t.  But that’s not the real reason I’m going.  I’m going because: HE’S DEAD!

Yes, apparently WESConn scientists have found a way to reanimate the corpse of Dr. Mel Goldstein who died at the spry age of… 66?  Really?  Wasn’t he in his sixties in 1983?

Well, anyway, it will be wonderful to see the undead speak about what it was like growing up.  Frankly, I’d rather him share the secrets of the afterlife, but waddaya gonna do?

For those who are not from Connecticut, Dr Mel was the unofficial Official Meteorologist of CT.  He worked hard, since he was a young boy, to be right about 50% of the time.

His groundbreaking work in… oh… let’s say… wind, completely altered how we perceive air moving around.

If you plan on coming to his speech in March, bring a few of those pine-tree-car air fresheners.  ‘Cuz Mel is probably gonna be pretty stinky by then.

This hit goes to: Mary!  Yes, Mary has been drafting Dr. Mel for ages now.  And he finally rewarded her with 40 points!

Yes, she is in a 3-way tie for 2nd place.  Am ere 100 points behind the leader.

Happy pooling,



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