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Joe Paterno, formerPennStatefootball coach died about 4 years ago but nobody found out until now.

A picture of Joe Paterno remembering what he saw in that shower. Your mind just can't erase an image like that.

Controversy surrounds thePennStatefootball team as everyone is wondering: Who knew that Parteno was dead and why didn’t anyone call the authorities?

A member of Parterno’s staff, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “Yeah, I saw him dead in the showers.  But I didn’t call anyone because I didn’t know how to handle the situation.”

People are coming forward, saying that they had known that Paterno had been dead for quite some time, but they didn’t want to rock the boat by reporting it.

Protesters gathered on campus wondering why nobody came forward while another group formed to show their support for Paterno.  “We know that our venerated coach still alive,” one protester told the press, “and we refuse to let his good name be besmirched like this.”

Now, knowing the controversy surrounding this hit (who to believe?  Is he dead or not?  If he is dead, when did he die?) the illustrious Ghoul Pool administrator is making a compromise.  Yes, the points will be awarded, even if he died four years ago.  BUT the points will be based on his age when he died (81).

And this hit goes to: Tailgating with Jesus!  Yes, Bean is now firmly in 2nd place while everyone else scraps for 3rd.  I, however, have no points.

Happy Pooling,



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