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I believe a wake is in her future.

And in the charge for first, let Mary lead the way.

The greatest drugs of all, are inside of her

Whitney Houston died showing herself the beauty that pill bottles possessed inside.

In a sense, she died to make it easier.  To let the Ghoul Pooler’s laughter remind us how the Pool used to be.

She decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow (except, maybe Bobby Brown’s… which is a pretty small shadow to walk in, so: Kudos for that).

Then she spectacularly failed after she succeeded.  But hey, at least she lived what she believed (“Crack is whack!”).

She had so many drugs to take that they would eventually take her dignity.

Because the greatest hit of all is happening to Mary!

The greatest points of all, are Mary’s 60.

Learning to draft a 60-pointer: It’s the greatest hit of all.

From the Greatest Ghoul Pool Administrator of all,



One Comment

  1. Sean,you made me laugh through the tears today.

    I’m in the lead? Wow. The moral of the story kids…..Just Say No!

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