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Awww, look how cute. He's probably dreaming about running through a filed... with Hitler.

Retired US auto worker John Demjanjuk died at the spry age of 91.

He was born in Dubovi Makharyntsi, in the Ukrainian People’s Republic, during the Polish–Soviet War, just prior to the Kiev Offensive.

Demjanjuk emigrated to theUnited Statesin 1952 and was granted citizenship in 1958, when he formally anglicized his name from “Ivan” to “John”.

Oh.  And he was a super-evil Nazi asshole.  Demjanjuk was deported in 1998 to face war crimes for his involvement in killing 28,060 people, for which he was sentenced for FIVE YEARS!  That’s ,like, an hour and a half for each person he helped kill.  Seriously?  Couldn’t we move the venue on this one toTexasor something?

You can get 30+ years in prison inAmericafor being an accessory to murder.  That’s about 29 years, 364 days and 22 and a half hours longer than what this deutsch -bag got.

When Demjanjuk’s trial made news in 2011, this intrepid Ghoul Pooler took note of the name.  Unfortunately, so did jay.  So The Walls of Jerica can be proudly adorned with this one as they further solidify their lead to 150 points.

The Ghoul Pool Administrator is still at zero.  But he’s bettin’ that Nancy Reagan already died but the RNC wants to announce it closer to the convention.

HappySt.Patrick’s Day Pooling,



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