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Barry Gibb is no longer living in a world of fools. …. Sorry.  Um… Let me start that over again.

Maurice Gibb just couldn’t stay alive…. Oh, he died nine years ago?…  Well, technically I was right then… OK, third time’s the charm.

Robin Gibb made like Disco at the spry age of 62.

Gibb reportedly died just days after being cast to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming feature film.

In a press conference the corner stated, “Well, you can tell by the way he doesn’t walk, He’s a dead man, and he can’t talk.”  As he started up a seemingly gratuitous slide show of the autopsy, he commented “Now it’s all right.  It’s OK.  And you may look the other way.”

Gibb will be remembered as one of the most popular pop groups of all time, the BGs.  The BGs sold over 200 million albums.  Of course, their seminal triumph was 1978’s “Sesame Street Fever.”  “It was great to get to work with THE Grover,” Gibb shared in an interview. “I mean we

Known as the “White Album of the 70s,” Sesame Street Fever” forever changed the way we thought about music… and ourselves.

In 2011, Gibb was diagnosed with liver cancer.  In 2012, it was announced that his cancer went into remission.  I wonder how that worked out for him.A choked up Barry Gibb told reporters, “We only have a brother and only have a mother a mother, that are still alive.  Still alive.”

His spokesperson confirmed that they would be holding a Saturday Night Funeral.

This hit goes to: Gianna!  Yes, she is yet again tied with “Occupy the Casket,” & with Carol.  They have 80 points each.

Happy Pooling,



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