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Honky-hater, Dry-cleaning magnate and… Yes fan?  Sherman Hemsley died at the spry age of 74.

Hemsley was hired by Norman Lear to be the second man to play Archie Bunker’s neighbor, George Jefferson in “All in the Family.”  Jefferson was as bigoted as Bunker, illustrating what Ave. Q would tell us many years later: Bigotry has never been exclusively white.

He may be old, but he is workin’ that hat.

“The Jeffersons” was by far the most successful of the five “All in the Family” spin-offs.  It was on for 11 years.  That’s approximately 10 years longer than “Gloria” was on the air… give or take an episode.

Helmsley went on to play Rev. Frye in “Amen,” where he did battle with a cat.  Then he voiced a dinosaur on “Dinosaurs” for five years.  Wait. What?

Holy shit.  “Dinosaurs” was on the air for FIVE YEARS!?!  What the fuck is that all about?  Are we that culturally bankrupt as a nation?

Sherman was also a huge Yes fan.  As well as anyone should be.  It was to the point that he collaborated with their lead singer, Jon Anderson on an album entitled “Festival of Drams” which was never released.  Never released?  I wonder why.  I mean, I love Yes, but Jon Anderson writes the absolute worst lyrics (the man was seriously buoyed by a great band) and Sherman, well he comes up with this:

I wish I could make shit like that up.  Luckily, I don’t have to.

This hit goes to: Mary!  Yes, she now has 130 points!  And she is a member of the At-Least-We-Have-More-Points-Than-Bean Club!

Now, tis was Mary’s smallest hit.  Think about that: 30 points is her smallest.   She got to 130 with three hits!  Granted, Jerica got to 150 with three hits, but one of those hits was a frickin’ fetus.

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Carol: 160 (Davy Jones – 40, Dick Clark – 20, George Lindsey – 20, Don Grady – 40, Andy Griffith – 20, Celeste Holm – 10, William Asher – 10)

The Walls of Jerica: 150 (Duggar #20 – 100, Kim Jong Il – 40, John Demjanjuk – 10)

Sister Mary Sheila:  140 (Christopher Hitchens – 40, Adam “MCA”Yauch – 60, Kathryn Joosten – 30,  Yitzhak Shamir – 10)

Mary: 130 (Dr. Mel Goldstein – 40, Whitney Houston – 60, Sherman Hemsley – 30)

Tailgating with that guy who’s still a Jackass: – 110 (Smokin’ Joe Frazier – 40, Joe Paterno – 20, Gary Carter – 50)

Pirate Jen “Occupy the Casket”:  90 (Anne McCaffrey – 20, Carroll Shelby – 20, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi – 40, Ray Bradbury – 10)

Gianna:  80 (Bill Keane – 20, Jonathan Frid – 20, Robin Gibb – 40)

“Imaginary” Steve: – 60 (Alan Sues – 20, Earl Scruggs – 20, Rauf Denktas – 20)

Jami “MORGAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” McFeeley: – 60 (Harry Morgan – 10, Etta James – 30, Maurice Sendak – 20)

Ann B. Davis: – 20 (Mike Wallace – 10, Ann Rutherford – 10)

Schelle’y: – 20 (Chuck Colson – 20)


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  1. Dear Ghoul Pool Administrator – You left out of of Shermans greatest shows…yes the show of shows at “Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge” ! He was a headline act. He sang- attempted a soft shoe dance and had three plus size supreme’s as his back up.

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