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Soft spoken conservative, Gore Vidal died at the spry age of 86.

Vidal, who was known for his extreme conservatism said that Ronald Reagan was a “triumph of the embalmer’s art.”

He also said “Everything the Bushites touch is screwed up. They could never have pulled off 9/11, even if they wanted to. Even if they longed to. They could step aside, though, or just go out to lunch while these terrible things were happening to the nation.”

Of course he’s an intellectual. Just look at that turtle neck!

Hey, these quotes don’t sound conservative at all…. This sounds like the rantings of one of them there loony liberal-types!

In 1948 he published “The City & the Pillar,” which featured an open, unabashed homosexual relationship.  Today is 2012 and there are still people who refuse to read this book because it accepts homosexuality.  This is just shameful, awful and unconscionable!

I mean, there are so many better reasons to not read it:  It’s long.  It doesn’t have pictures.  It’s probably chock full of big, important words that are hard to read.  It’s old.  It’s probably got that musty “book smell” to it… I could go on…

Vidal is credited with writing the screenplay for “Caligula,” a big, big, big budget film that was turned into a hard-core porno in post-production.  Vidal was incensed when he heard about the changes to his script.  But he loved the movie when he finally rented it through an on demand service at a flea-bag motel on the outskirts of Yuma.

Vidal’s business partner, Bruno Sassoon could not be reached for comment.

This hit goes to: Jerica!  Yes the walls have been re-built and The Walls of Jerica re-gain the lead with 170 points!  Can Carol strike back to re-take the lead again?  I know that she REALLY wants to buy that vodka for her son-in-law!

This is a rip-roarin’ crazy-as-shit, edge-of-your-seat Ghoul Pool this year!

Happy Pooling,


Current Standings:

The Walls of Jerica: 170 (Duggar #20 – 100, Kim Jong Il – 40, John Demjanjuk – 10)

Carol: 160 (Davy Jones – 40, Dick Clark – 20, George Lindsey – 20, Don Grady – 40, Andy Griffith – 20, Celeste Holm – 10, William Asher – 10)

Sister Mary Sheila:  140 (Christopher Hitchens – 40, Adam “MCA”Yauch – 60, Kathryn Joosten – 30,  Yitzhak Shamir – 10)

Mary: 130 (Dr. Mel Goldstein – 40, Whitney Houston – 60, Sherman Hemsley – 30)

Tailgating with that guy who’s still a Jackass: – 110 (Smokin’ Joe Frazier – 40, Joe Paterno – 20, Gary Carter – 50)

Pirate Jen “Occupy the Casket”:  90 (Anne McCaffrey – 20, Carroll Shelby – 20, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi – 40, Ray Bradbury – 10)

Gianna:  80 (Bill Keane – 20, Jonathan Frid – 20, Robin Gibb – 40)

“Imaginary” Steve: – 60 (Alan Sues – 20, Earl Scruggs – 20, Rauf Denktas – 20)

Jami “MORGAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” McFeeley: – 60 (Harry Morgan – 10, Etta James – 30, Maurice Sendak – 20)

Ann B. Davis: – 20 (Mike Wallace – 10, Ann Rutherford – 10)

Schelle’y: – 20 (Chuck Colson – 20)


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