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Art Modell, sports mogul who infamously moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, died at the spry age of 87

Drew Carey, upon hearing the news, spontaneously grabbed Hal Linden & broke into a rousing rendition of “Brotherhood of Man.”

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Modell learned early form the Dodgers just how much fun it is to remove a beloved franchise from its home.

Many years later, when he owned the Browns, he asked Cleveland to charge higher taxes so that he could promise to not move the team.  The people of Cleveland voted to pay more in taxes to keep their beloved Browns.  That is just an inkling of how much Clevelanders loved their team.  I mean, they lived in Cleveland.  What else did they have in their lives?

So, he moved the Browns to Baltimore. 

Cleveland sued and Model was forced to drop the franchise name and change the team name to the Baltimore Ravens.  I’m sure this name change caused Modell to loose a lot of sleep on his big pile of money.

The worst had happened: Cleveland came face to face with the fact that… it’s Cleveland.  Sure, they had the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame… but let’s face it: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is bullshit.

“The Drew Carey Show” started up the same year as the move.  So… they had that.    I mean, if you’re Cleveland, you’ll take what you can get.  And frankly, all Cleveland has is the Browns, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and “The Drew Carey Show.”  And don’t give me that Cleveland Indians bullshit.  Come on, it’s the Indians.

This hit goes to: Imaginary Steve!  Yes, he powers his way into… the same place…  Well, that was eventful.  Thanks a lot Steve.  Sheesh.

Happy Pooling


PS: Don’t believe everything you read!  Last update I listed the Draft date as Saturday, October 3rd.  Well, October 3rd is a Wednesday!  And the draft is NOVEMBER 3rd!  Remember: it’s the weekend we turn our clocks back!

Current Standings:

The Walls of Jerica: 180 (Duggar #20 – 100, Kim Jong Il – 40, John Demjanjuk – 10, Sun Myung Moon, 10)

Carol: 160 (Davy Jones – 40, Dick Clark – 20, George Lindsey – 20, Don Grady – 40, Andy Griffith – 20, Celeste Holm – 10, William Asher – 10)

Sister Mary Sheila:  140 (Christopher Hitchens – 40, Adam “MCA”Yauch – 60, Kathryn Joosten – 30,  Yitzhak Shamir – 10)

Mary: 130 (Dr. Mel Goldstein – 40, Whitney Houston – 60, Sherman Hemsley – 30)

Gianna:  110 (Bill Keane – 20, Jonathan Frid – 20, Robin Gibb – 40, Gregory Powell – 30)

Tailgating with that guy who’s still a Jackass: – 110 (Smokin’ Joe Frazier – 40, Joe Paterno – 20, Gary Carter – 50)

Pirate Jen “Occupy the Casket”:  100 (Anne McCaffrey – 20, Carroll Shelby – 20, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi – 40, Ray Bradbury – 10, Phyllis Diller)

“Imaginary” Steve: – 80 (Alan Sues – 20, Earl Scruggs – 20, Rauf Denktas – 20, Art Modell – 20)

Jami “MORGAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” McFeeley: – 60 (Harry Morgan – 10, Etta James – 30, Maurice Sendak – 20)

Schelle’y: – 30 (Chuck Colson – 20, Hellen Gurley Brown – 10)

Ann B. Davis: – 20 (Mike Wallace – 10, Ann Rutherford – 10)

Sean P. McFeeley I, Your Beloved Ghoul Pool Administrator: 20 (Neil Armstrong – 20)

Nathaniel – 10 (Ernest Borgnine – 10)


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