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OK, draft night is neigh!

If you will not be attending, please send your lists to this e-mail address by 9 AM on Saturday, November 3rd.  If you can put it in a spreadsheet format  that would be great.  If not, I’ll just deal.

We want YOU in the Ghoul Pool!

The draft will begin around 4:00 PM on Saturday, November 3rd.
If you are attending the draft, please remember that it is BYOB.  While I would love to provide alcohol for as many as I can, my financial adviser (also known as my lovely wife) advises against it.  Alcohol is pretty key on draft night 🙂
We are also strongly advising that you leave your kids at home.  I know for some people, this is impossible (especially those coming from out of town).  I have learned from watching my sister:  her enjoyment of the draft grew exponentially when she started coming without the kids.  Ultimately, I’d like the night to be your own, personal, Mardi Gras.  We are even looking into the possibility of sending Ryan elsewhere for the night.  (fingers crossed)
If you are attending the draft: let me know ASAP.  We’d like to be able to plan for the proper size crowd.
For those who have never participated, bring (or send) a list of at least 100-150 names to be drafted.  We draft 75 names a piece but remember that once a name is taken, it is out of the running.  So no, you will NOT get Nancy Reagan.  The more names on your list, the better.  But if you do not have enough, we can either provide you with resources during the draft or, if you sent it in, will give you a few days to fill out the rest of your 75 names.
If you are sending the list to us, send it in the order that you want the names to be drafted.  If you send it alphabetically, your list will be drafted alphabetically.  Also, if you are picking obscure people, make a note as to who that person is.  That way, we will have more appreciation of your list.  It is boring to pick Don Featherstone.  But awesome to pick Don Featehrstone: the inventor of the Pink Flamingo lawn ornament.
And here are a couple online resources to help with your list:
Who’s Dead & Who’s Alive:
Contact me with any questions, I will be more than happy to help!
Happy Pooling,

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