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Lee MacPhail, The man who gave George Brett his home run, died at the spry age of 95.

MacPhail has held almost every executive position in baseball including the Yankee GM and President of the American League.

He was the General Manager of the Yankees when Steinbrenner bought the team.  He soon left, citing that he doesn’t work for assholes.

Gotta love this guy. He stuck it to Steinbrenner & the Yankees! Of course, he DID let the Designated Hitter Rule continue unabated…

He went on to be head of the American League which totally sucks because they don’t make their pitchers hit… but I digress.

While in this post, he was faced with a controversy involving George Brett augmenting is big stick.  The Pine Tar Affair, as it came to be known, centered on a home-run hit by Brett against the New York Yankees in the bottom of the 9th with two outs.   Long time wimpy douche-bag, Billy Martin, whined about how Brett had too much pine tar on his bat and the umpires nullified the homer and called Brett out.

Fuckin’ Yankees.

Truth is, the pine tar rule is there to keep the stuff off of baseballs.  Once pine tar gets on a baseball, it can no longer be used.  Having more than 18 inches of Pine Tar does not give you an advantage at all.  And Brett had more than 18 inches, baby.

So, Lee stepped in and reversed the ruling, giving the game to the Royals.  Damn right.  In the end, all we got out of the whole magilla was my sister’s “I Pine for George” bumper-sticker.

This hit goes to… Tailgating with “Sister” Mary Sheila!  See what I did there?  See?  You’d think this would be a classic Tailgating pick.  But no… he’d rather waste his time on the Muhammad Alis and the Ralph Kiners of the… actually, those are damn solid picks.

And trash-talkin’ Babysitter, it’s already time to share the lead!  Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

This is our second death in our first week… but don’t get used to this pace… we’re not that good.

Happy Pooling,


PS: The final list will be sent out later this week!

Current Standings:

“Sister” Mary Sheila – 10 (Lee MacPhail – 10)

Babysitter – 10 (Clive Dunn – 10)


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