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Sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar died at the spry age of 92.  Quick: name another Sitar virtuoso!… that’s what I thought.

Shankar became internationally famous when members of The Byrds introduced his music to George Harrison.  Harrison bought a Sitar and first played it on Rubber Soul’s “Norwegian Wood(This Bird Has Flown)”.

A photo of Shankar's leather sitar-holder.  It was hand craft... what?.... really?..... ewwww.

A photo of Shankar’s leather sitar-holder. It was hand craft… what?…. really?….. ewwww.

Shankar studied the Sitar for 6 years before playing publicly.  George picked on up and started plucking.  Shankar hated and resented George’s playing.  “It’s the sound of an ethereal cat fight.”

In 1966 Harrison met Shankar and it was all Ravi could do to keep from strangling him with his own sitar strings.  “You fucking Limey bastard!”  he yelled while Ringo held him back.  “I’ve spent my whole career on sitar music and you do one damn song and make more money than my entire country has ever seen!”

The animosity grew after that.  Harrison lit a bag of dog poop on Shankar’s porch a week later.  “It was great, all you could hear for miles was: ‘Damn, you!  These are new Italian sandals!’”

Not to be outdone Shankar then killed Brian Epstein… but perhaps I’ve said too much.

This hit goes to: Babysitter!  Yes, the cocky bastard is gonna get cockier.  Was that a sonic boon I just heard?  No, it’s just babysitter’s ego blowing up.

Plus, he stole a Beatle pick from me!  I coulda been on the board!  I coulda been somebody!  But it was you, Babysitter.  It was you all along!

Alas, Babysitter, you don’t even have the lead.  You’re tied with my lovely wife, who got there in one hit, thank you very much.

Happy pooling,

Current Standings:

Babysitter – 20 (Clive Dunn – 10, Ravi Shankar – 10)

Jami – 20 – (Larry Hagman – 20)

Joanne – 10 – (Freddy Schmidt – 10)

Tailgating with Jesus – 10 – (Marvin Miller – 10)

Gainna – 10 – (Lucille Bliss – 10)

“Sister” Mary Sheila – 10 (Lee MacPhail – 10)

Dawn-n-Mike – 0 (Oscar Niemeyer – 0)


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