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The Swedish chef’s favorite Federal Judge, Robert Bork (bork bork) died at the spry age of 85.


“For the last time: this is MY hair! I did NOT steal it from Gene Wilder!”

Bork (bork bork) will be remembered best as a pole dancer in various Washington, DC night clubs.  Ted Kennedy once said of him, “He, ah, may be an ignorant ass.  But no one can rock a Speedo like that man.”

Bork (bork bork) was also nominated by Reagan for the Supreme Court in 1987.  But, because he wanted to roll back civil rights laws and supported things like polling taxes to keep the poor from voting, his ass got all kicked out.  Well, it is worse than putting a pubic hair on a Coke can…

Bork (bork bork) also wrote The Antitrust Paradox,  where he went on about some bullshit about how major corporate mergers were good for the consumer, forgetting that it runs out the competition and retains more power over the marketplace than should be legal… man, this guy was an asshole.

Bork (bork bork) illegally fired Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox at Nixon’s request.  He publicly supported Scooter Libby.   Why was the Swedish Chef always singing about this guy?  Was he jealous of his comb-over?

Oh, wait, Bork (bork bork) denounced what he called the “NRA view” of the Second Amendment, something he described as the “belief that the constitution guarantees a right to Teflon-coated bullets.” Instead, he argued that the Second Amendment merely guarantees a right to participate in a government militia.  Phew!  SOMEthing good about the guy.

Unfortunately, very little happened in his life that was humorous.  Except his name.

This hit goes to: Joanne!  Yes, we have a new leader in the Ghoul Pool!  Babysitter is usurped for the second time!

This looks to be a rookie’s year though.  Three out of seven people on the board are newbies.  Well played. 

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Joanne – 30 – (Freddy Schmidt – 10, Robert Bork – 20)

Babysitter – 20 (Clive Dunn – 10, Ravi Shankar – 10)

Jami – 20 – (Larry Hagman – 20)

Dawn-n-Mike – 10 (Oscar Niemeyer – 0, Norman Joseph Woodland – 10)

Tailgating with Jesus – 10 – (Marvin Miller – 10)

Gainna – 10 – (Lucille Bliss – 10)

“Sister” Mary Sheila – 10 (Lee MacPhail – 10)


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