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2013 – 2014 Dick Trickle Memorial Ghoul Pool Spreadsheet

Well, the draft is well behind us.  It was a fantastic night.  I’m still beat.

The 2013-2014 Dick Trickle Memorial Ghoul Pool Draft was the largest draft in Ghoul Pool History! We drafted 1,500 names in 8 hours.  That is a rate of slightly over three names a minute.

Please find the official list attached.  And for the LOVE OF GOD, save it on your hard drive!

Early congratulations to “Imaginary” Steve!  He is the 1st person ever to submit only 75 names who got all 75 names!  Apparently, it wasn’t enough for Steve that the St. Louis Cardinals got routed in the World Series.  Now he wants The College of Cardinals to be routed by the grim reaper.  (Of note: Carol’s theme of The 1% only had one name taken from her, so she came close to also not having any names taken.)

And congratulations to… ME!  For making the brownies.  You’re welcome.

A big thank you to all who came and made it such a great night.  For those who could not make it, we wished you were there… I mean, you would have had to sit on the floor for eight hours, but it would have been great.

The official winners of the 2012 – 2013 Harry Morgan Memorial Ghoul Pool are Dawn-n-Mike (but mostly Mike) with 180 points!

This was an impressive year for rookies.  Usually rookies get a handful of small hits and that’s it.  You know, like me.  But this year, 1st and second place went to rookies and a third rookie hit triple digits.

So, if you haven’t paid Dawn-n-Mike their $10 yet, here is their mailing address:


84 Railroad St.

Littleton, NH  03561

Make checks payable to either Dawn Lambert or Mike Young.  We’ll let them fight it out after that.

For next year, I am looking for input from all Ghoul Poolers.  IF the pool is this large next year, I am thinking about doing more of an all-day affair.  We start at two or three in the afternoon, taking our normal breaks and all.  But we break for dinner for an hour or so in the middle of the draft.  I realize this makes the draft longer, but I think that breaking it up more would make it less exhausting.  Plus, maybe more socializing will create less chatter (and therefore less stress for the typist).

So, let me know what you all think of that idea and as the draft approaches next year, we’ll re-address it.

Happy Pooling and Die, Nancy, DIE!



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