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Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci died at the spry age of 96.

Bartolucci, Barto to his friends, was a Roman Catholic Cardinal.  Can you believe that?


“Honestly, I don’t know what’s more bitchin’, is it this kick-ass hat or my long-ass train?”

But Barto was not just a cardinal.  He was also a prolific composer.  His work already published fills more than forty volumes and includes Masses, motets, madrigals, hymns, symphonic, organ, and chamber music, and above all a series of oratorios for soloists, chorus and orchestra. His three-act opera Brunelleschi is yet to be performed.

This really started to annoy his parishioners because they knew that five minutes into any sermon, he was going to say “Wrote a song ‘bout it.  Wanna hear it?  Here is goes…” then he would break out his old steel guitar and start caterwauling about the Sermon on the Mount.

Hm..  Who knew that that’s how you spell caterwauling?

In October of 2010, Pope Benedict (“Eggs” to his friends) announced Monsignor Bartolucci’s appointment to the College of Cardinals.  He was hoping to get into the University of Cardinals, but he choked on his SATs.

This hit goes to… welll, duh.  We all know that it’s “Imaginary” Steve.  I-Steve picked Barto in the 8th round to receive a collective groan from the crowd as we all angrily scratched him off of our lists.

I-Steve, of course, made Ghoul Pool history by submitting only 75 names and getting all 75.  He did this by picking the College of Cardinals.  Now, if you think that he’s going to hell for this, consider how many of these Cardinals knew about the Catholic church’s “Fun with Alter Boys” program.  Yeah, I think I-Steve’ll be just fine.

So Steve pulls into the lead with 10 points (as opposed to getting a hit and remaining at zero).

Happy Pooling,


Current Standings:

“Imaginary” Steve: 10 (Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci – 10)

Joanne: 0 (Ace Parker – 0)


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