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Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who killed countless millions by inventing the AK-47 Assault rifle, died at the spry age of 94.

Kalashnikov invented the AK-47 while working as a tank commander for the Red Army.  An estimated 100 million Kalashnikov rifles have been produced.

Yet Kalashnikov made very little money from his gun and once complained he would have been financially better off designing a lawnmower.  Frankly, the world would have been better off if he invented something that simply mowed grass down.

Shown: the only acceptable use of an AK-47.  Though, it is still a little off-putting, sin't it...

Shown: the only acceptable use of an AK-47. Though, it is still a little off-putting, sin’t it…

His weapons have been used in revolutions, insurrections, terrorist attacks, wars and schools.  It was cheap to make, light, easy to maintain and, most importantly, it killed many people in a short amount of time.  Way to make your mark on the world Mikey!

The AK (as it became known to its friends) was also more accurate… unless it was being used by George Peppard on “The A-Team.”

Today, lil Wayne raps about riding around town and visiting friends with an AK… why he has the AK is unclear to me… but I am an old, old man.

This hit goes to: Babysitter!  This puts Babysitter on the board with ten pints.

Kalashnikov was his 4th holdover, so double win!  Now he has 10 months to figure out who will replace him in his hold-over list.

Happy Pooling,


Current Standings:

Joanne: 30 (Ace Parker – 0, Nelson Mandela – 10,  Ray Price – 20)

SPMI: 30 (Peter O’Toole – 20, Joan Fontaine – 10)

Occupy the Casket: 20 (Ronnie Biggs – 20)

Gianna 20 (Tom Laughlin – 20)

Babysitter: 10 (Mikhail Kalashnikov – 10)

The Girl on Fire: 10 (Eleanor Parker – 10)

Good to the Last Drop (© Maxwell House ) – 10 (Frederick Sanger – 10)

“Imaginary” Steve: 10 (Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci – 10)


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