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Alicia Rhett, “star” of “Gone With the Wind,” died at the spry age of 98.

Rhett was best remembered for her role as India Wilkesin the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind.”  But few know that one of the main characters was inspired by her servant.

During a performance of The Recruiting Officer in 1936, Rhett was spotted by Hollywood director George Cukor, who was impressed by her charm and beauty.  After a few hours, when she was finally able to control her laughter offer his last name, he had her audition for “Gone With the Wind.”

She auditioned for the role of Melanie, but ended up playing India Wilkes because, frankly, she was no Olivia de Havilland.

Luckily, she had painting to fall back on.  GWTW (that’s the abbreviation of “Gone With the Wind,” yes, before there was lol, there was GWTW)… where was I?

Oh yeah, GWTW was her only movie.  That was it.  She didn’t go on to star in any crappy b-movies.  She didn’t go on for an appearance on “The Love Boat.”  She didn’t descend into a spiral of money, drugs and alcohol.


Because nobody who wears that much lace ever descends into a spiral of money, drugs and alcohol.

After that, maybe she was all, “Why should I star in your piece of crap?  I’ve been in the greatest movie ever made.”

God, what an arrogant bitch.

She went on to be a portrait painter, specializing in pictures of people from the shoulders up.

Now, the only surviving GWTW cast members are Olivia de Havilland (born 1 July 1916), who played India’s sister-in-law Melanie Wilkes, Mary Anderson (born April 3, 1920), who played Maybelle Merriweather and Mickey Kuhn (born September 21, 1932) who played Beau Wilkes.  Only one of these people is drafted, people…

This hit goes to: Gianna!  My confidence in winning slides further by the wayside as Gianna becomes the fourth person to be tied with me.

You’re… all… going… …down?

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Starving Writer – 40 (James Avery – 6’ 5” – 40)

Gianna 30 (Tom Laughlin – 20, Alicia Rhett – 10)

“Imaginary” Steve: 30 (Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci – 10, Cardinal Ricardo Carles Gordo – 20)

Occupy the Casket: 30 (Ronnie Biggs – 20, Harold Camping – 10)

Joanne: 30 (Ace Parker – 0, Nelson Mandela – 10,  Ray Price – 20)

SPMI: 30 (Peter O’Toole – 20, Joan Fontaine – 10)

Carol’s 1%: 20 (Harold Simmons – 20)

Babysitter: 10 (Mikhail Kalashnikov – 10)

The Girl on Fire: 10 (Eleanor Parker – 10)

Good to the Last Drop (© Maxwell House ) – 10 (Frederick Sanger – 10)


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