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Former Washington Senators baseball player, and life-ling Cuban, Connie Marrero, died at the spry age of 102.

Just how old is 102 years old?  It’s so old, he played for the Washington Senators.  It’s so old that Connie passed as a boy’s name (Ain’t that right, Connie Mack?).  It’s so old, it’s not worth any points!

Roberto González Echevarría (whoever the hell that is) once described Connie as, “A bit plump, of less than average height, with short arms and small hands, Marrero looked, in uniform, like someone in a baseball costume, not a player. He looked more like a Spanish grocer or peasant than an athlete.”  Man, I bet he got all the baseball groupies.

His pitching was described as “slow stuff.”  …Man, this guy was just a schnook.

His nicknames in Cuba were “El Guajiro de Laberinto” (which translates roughly into “The Peasant from Laberinto”), reflecting his rural origins, “El Premier” (which translates roughly into “The Premier”) and “El Curvo” (which, I believe translates to “The Tequila”).

After retiring as a player, Marrero moved back to Cuba and became a coach for the Havana Sugar Kings… which, I think, is where a young Dezi Arnez learned to master the maracas.


Connie, shown here minutes before announcing a big casino deal with the Corleone family.

This hit goes to… Joanne!  yes, Joanne makes history by being the very first Ghoul Pooler to score TWO zero-point hits in one year!

Joanne, feel free to make a speech thanking your parents and God and all that.  Maybe we can come up with some kind of award for you… I’ll have to think about that one…

So, Joanne moves from the grip of an exciting fourth-place tie and right into the grip of an exciting fourth-place tie.  Her score jumps from 50 points right up to 50 points!  Congrats!

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Jami: 190 (Ariel Sharon – 20, Philip Seymour Hoffman – 60, Peaches Geldof – 80, Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter – 30)

Starving Writer – 100 (James Avery – 6’ 5” – 40, L’Wren Scott – 6’4” – 60)

Tailgating with Jesus – 80 (Jerry Coleman – 20, Ralph Kiner – 10, William Clay Ford – 20, Ralph Wilson -10, Jack Ramsay – 20)

Gianna 80 (Tom Laughlin – 20, Alicia Rhett – 10, Mae Young – 10, Ruth Robinson Duccini – 10, Pete Seeger – 10, Fred Phelps – 20, Marc Platt – 0)

“Imaginary” Steve: 50 (Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci – 10, Cardinal Ricardo Carles Gordo – 20, Emmanuel III Delly – 20)

The Girl on Fire: 50 (Eleanor Parker – 10, Dave Madden – 20, Ralph Waite – 20)

Joanne: 50 (Ace Parker – 0, Nelson Mandela – 10,  Ray Price – 20, Maximilian Schell – 20, Connie Marrero – 0)

Babysitter: 40 (Mikhail Kalashnikov – 10, Russell Johnson – 20, Mickey Rooney – 10 )

SPMI: 40 (Peter O’Toole – 20, Joan Fontaine – 10, Sid Caesar – 10)

Good to the Last Drop (© Maxwell House) – 30 (Frederick Sanger – 10, Maxine Kumin – 20)

Occupy the Casket: 30 (Ronnie Biggs – 20, Harold Camping – 10)

Dora the Explorer: 20 (Jeremiah Denton – 20)

The Girl on Fire: 20 (Ralph Waite – 20)

Mostly Mike: 20 (Shirley Temple Black – 20)

Carol’s 1%: 20 (Harold Simmons – 20)

Dick in Town: 10 (Hiroo Onoda – 10)


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