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Journalist and auto racer, Denise McCluggage died at the spry age of 88.

No, that 1st name isn’t Dennis, it’s Denice.  I know, right?  I thought Danica Patrick was the first female auto racer.

McCluggage (an Irish name derived from the sound one makes when chugging a pint of Guinness Stout) faced certain challenges as a journalist covering racing in the fifties because skirts weren’t allowed to interview racers.  “Let ‘em talk to the racers wives in the kitchen while hubby was out racing, see.  That’s what a good dame would do, see,” said… um… Fifties McSportscaster…

So, she decided that the best way to report it was to do it.  Advice that would later be followed by the likes of the “Mayflower Madam” in the 80s and Amy Fisher in 2001.

So, she donned a polka-dot helmet (‘cuz, you know: chick) and got behind the wheel of some car with letters or numbers for it’s name… a M320, 250, LXR or a TX6 or some shit.   I don’t know… why can’t the whole racing world be like NASCAR,

McCluggage, shown here talking to some fucking slob who didn't even have the decency to wear a fucking shirt!

McCluggage, shown here talking to some fucking slob who didn’t even have the decency to wear a fucking shirt!

where they drive Ford Fusions and Toyota Camrys?

Racing was perhaps the most macho of the sports, and the men she competed with never quite knew how to handle Denise McCluggage. They were always telling her to get coffee for the pit crew and assuming that she would do all the secretarial work.

“She was a babe,” long-term auto journalist Don Vorderman once recalled.  Meh, she was OK.

She raced with such greats as Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Brock Yates, Briggs Cunningham, Clive Pachuk, Carroll Shelby, A.J. Foyt, Stirling Moss, two of which I have heard of… and one which I made up.  (Can you guess which one?)

After a while the good old boys didn’t seem to mind having the pretty little gal around.  Even with the girly helmet.

Then she grew old.  And died.

This hit goes to: Mary!  I don’t know who’s ass Mary pulled this pick out of, but the reach was worth it because she gets another 20 points!

Nancy Reagan, somehow, continues to live.

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Occupy the Casket: 150 – (Sir Terry Pratchett – 66, Lauren Hill – 90)

Tailgating with Jesus: 120 – (Jean Béliveau – 20, Ernie Banks – 20, Jerry Tarkanian – 20, Minnie Minoso -10, Al Rosen – 10, Chuck Bednarik – 20)

Jami: 120 – (Diem Brown – 70, Sam Simon – 50)

Anne: 70 – (Lesley Gore – 40, Joe Cocker – 30)

Gianna: 70 – (Ahmad “Real” Givens – 70)

I-Steve (a.k.a: The Arch-Bishop!): 60 – (Fiorenzo Angelini – 10, Jorge María Mejía – 10, Cardinal Karl Josef Becker – 20, Roberto Tucci – 10, Giovanni Canestri – 10)

Nikki: 60 – (Stuart Scott – 60)

Nora the Explorer: 50 – (James Best – 20, Ben E. King – 30)

Babysitter: 50 – (Leonard Nimoy – 20, Gary Gahl – 30)

The Girl on Fire: 40 – (Mario Cuomo – 20, Richard Dysart – 20)

Fearless Ghoul Pool Administrator: 30 – (King Abdullah – 10, Joe Franklin – 20)

Anne: 30 – ()

Team Sushi: 30 – (Marion Barry – 30)

Mostly Mike: 20 – (Ralph H Baer – 10, Edward W. Brooke III – 10)

Erika: 10 – (Jayne Meadows – 10)

The Mortician’s Daughter:  10 – (“Little” Jimmy Dickens – 10)


Former chicken farmer, racecar driver & car designer Carroll Shelby died at the spry age of 89.

Shelbyis best known for the legendary Cobra, which married a big, pulsing American V8 to a petite, lightweight body and became one of the auto industry’s timeless icons of performance.

Carroll’s wife, Carol, also expressed her love for his Cobra.  “I’ll tell you what, once you get that stick into gear, with the pistons a-pumpin’… well, you’re in for an exciting ride.”

Carroll Shelby was always happiest when he had his hand on his stick.

This is where she sort of gets lost in a daze, eyes glazing over as she stares off into the distance… “Oh, that Cobra could move… if you knew how to handle it.  It would go from zero to sixty in no-time flat, and it was just getting’ warmed up. He liked to spend a lot of time under the hood before we got goin’ to make sure his Cobra really performed.”

For a beginner,Shelby’s Cobra is a little too much to handle.  You might put the stick in the wrong gear at first and fumble around a little bit or even stall.  But once you do get the hang of it, you’ll hear some roarin’.

But, when handling Shelby’s Cobra, you must always remember, a stop sign means stop!

Shelby’s coffin is being hailed as the tricked out coffin of the decade.  Up front, the headlights are flanked by two LED accent strips, a pronounced grille that picks up some aggressive cues from the Shelby GT500, the upper and lower inlets now appear as one unified grille that is split by the bumper. The lid also sports some new vents, and yes, they do actually help expel heat from the corpse.

This hit goes to: Pirate Jen!  Yes because when you think of gear-head chicken-farmers, Pirate is on the top of everyone’s list!

This hit doubles her score and gives her at least 40 points more than the Ghoul Pool Administrator.

Happy Pooling (and driving),